Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Traveling comes with a lot of baggage - from renting a car to keeping your assets secure!

Pack these tips when vacation planning. 

Summer is the biggest travel season in the United States and abroad, with many individuals and families shaking off work stress and enjoying new sights. As with any adventure, summer vacations take careful planning to map out.

Here are a few important steps you can take ahead of time to ensure your travel plans are easy, breezy, and hassle-free:
Freeze Your Social Media
Although it may be tempting to share your fabulous vacation plans on social media, it doesn't take much to alert would-be thieves that your home is empty.

Timing is Everything 
Invest in 'smart' timers to control your lights when you're away from home. Turning the lights on and off at different times makes it look like someone is home, which can play a big role in deterring burglars. 
Planning for your long-term financial security is even more challenging than vacation planning. Contact our agency to plan your insurance itinerary!

There's No Place Like Home (Security!)
Consider installing a home security system. Prices have dropped substantially in recent years, and some systems you can even install yourself. Also, alert your insurance agent that you're shopping for a system. Your investment may qualify you for a policy discount.

Read Between the Lines When Renting a Car
Think carefully before purchasing insurance at the rental counter. In many cases, comprehensive and collision coverage from your auto insurance policy may provide enough protection without the need to purchase additional policies. If you plan on renting, contact Warth Insurance Agency to see if additional protection makes sense, as well as identify gaps in coverage pertinent when you waive insurance from the rental car company.

You may not be able to pack us in your suitcase (unfortunately!), but you can take our knowledge along for the trip. Contact our agency if any questions arise.

Safe travels,
Warth Insurance Agency

Monday, January 16, 2017


A Meet and Greet with Kara Jameson

Being the new kid at school is never easy, but we're excited to welcome our new agent, Kara Jameson, into the Warth Insurance Agency classroom! While she's learning the ropes of the agency, we want to take time to teach you a little about her.

Don't miss your chance to meet Kara in person! We'll be hosting an Open House in her honor on January 26th from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. See you there!

The Basics
Name: Kara Jameson
Originally From: Houston, Texas
Years In Burlington: 18
Family: 3 children, 3 cats
Life BEFORE Warth Insurance:  I have spent the last 18 years working at the Burlington Area YMCA, teaching group fitness classes and running the competitive gymnastics and cheerleading department/program.
Why Warth Insurance: After 18 years of gym life - working nights and weekends - it was time to focus on family and their events. After all, my children will only be young once! I don't want to miss family dinners and sporting events.
Other Interests and Hobbies:  I am the head cheerleading coach at Southeastern Community College. I also teach group fitness classes at the YMCA.

A Q&A Session with Kara
1. Who is your hero and why?
My hero(s) consist of those who protect and serve or have served our country daily. I have the utmost gratitude for people who continually put themselves in harms way to protect my family.
2. What one event in your childhood had the greatest effect on your life?
Moving. However, this was more than just one event when you living life as a government family. Moving as a child teaches you to become adaptable to your surroundings and to be open minded to all those you meet along the way.  
3. If you were not doing what you do today, what other job would you have?
If money was no object, I would coach gymnastics during day time for a few hours while kids were in school.
4. What do you like about your best friend?
She tells me like it is regardless if I want to hear it. If there is something green in my teeth or if what I’m wearing is just not right, I will know about it. She may not agree with all my decisions, but at the end of the day supports whatever route, path I chose to take.
5. What “lesson from you mom” do you still live by today?
Healthy style for sure must be at the top. I grew up knowing how to read food labels at a very young age – knowing calories, complex carbohydrates, percentage of sodium one should take in, and grams for sugar in every day foods (needless to say, I did not get to explore Fruity Pebbles until much later than life!).
6. What’s the one thing you want to accomplish before you die?
Skydive!!! I'd love to jump out of a plane - although I may need a subtle push.

7. If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be?
A week touring the castles of Ireland would be a dream come true.
8. What’s the most unusual thing in your desk drawer?
Plain rice cakes. Exciting, I know.
9. Do you have a pet? 
I have three cats. Target - Who was brought home as a runt and then exploded in size immediately; Molly – My pound cat who only has only 1 claw (we thought of naming her “Hook”), overweight and has patches of hair missing from obsessively cleaning; Steve – a one-year old kitten who was brought in from the streets. 

10. What’s the most unusual place you have visited?
Because I moved around quite a bit, I had the opportunity to live in Anchorage, Alaska for approximately three years. Nothing like seeing a moose (or several) on the roads trying to get to school! Cities nearby would hold festivals that centered around “Moose Nuggets”. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one!
11. What 5 songs best describe you or the soundtrack to your life?
  1. Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby
  2. Stronger – Kelly Clarkson
  3. So What – Pink
  4. Queen – Right Now
  5. Working 9-5 – Dolly Parton

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

We Are Hiring

Do you love to solve problems?
Are you energetic, self-motivated and organized?
Are you hungry to succeed? 
If yes, then Warth Insurance Agency is looking for you.
We are expanding our independent insurance agency and are looking for a personal lines agent and customer service representative.


A few of the responsibilities for this position include: securing new clients through various marketing and promotions, assisting existing clients with their insurance needs; coverage/billing questions, new policy additions, and facilitating claims.


Customer Service experience for two years and proficient computer skills are required. Property/Casualty and Life/Health insurance license is preferred but not necessary if you have a desire to learn and gain your license.


Please apply by emailing your resume to: info@warthinsurance.com. Deadline for application is August 12, 2016.

Friday, April 15, 2016

April Showers Bring May Flowers

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To celebrate the start of spring, we are hosting a April Showers Bring May Flowers contest. All you need to win is to like, comment and share (from our Facebook Page) on our contest post. Local delivery only.

Make someone special smile with a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers compliments of Warth Insurance Agency.

Good luck and Happy Spring!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Uninsured Motorist and UnderInsured Motorist - What DO They Cover?

The KISS version:
Uninsured Motorist (UM) and Underinsured Motorist (UIM) provides financial protection for Bodily Injury (BI) sustained by an "insured" (you, any "family member" or passengers in your vehicle) which you are legally entitled to recover from the operator/owner of the vehicle causing the accident in the event the driver/owner of the vehicle causing the accident either has NO insurance (yes, we all know driving without insurance is against the law) or they don't have enough coverage to cover all of these costs. UM and UIM do NOT cover the damage to your vehicle or your property with a few exceptions! FYI, hit and run accidents need to be reported to law enforcement and fall under Uninsured Motorist.
UM & UIM can also come into play for you and "family members" as pedestrians and as passengers in someone else's vehicle. Just remember - you can't double/triple dip.

How can I protect my vehicle and property?
Covering your vehicle: If you carry collision coverage on your vehicle you can make a claim through your own insurance for the damages. You would have to pay your deductible, but in most cases your insurance carrier will make every attempt to recover the full amount of the claim including your deductible from the driver/owner of the other vehicle. This can be a long process but you will get reimbursed for your deductible before the insurance carrier is reimbursed for their share.
In Illinois, if you don't carry collision coverage on a vehicle you can purchase Uninsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD) coverage. Talk to your agent about this if you are interested.
Covering your property: Purchase some type of homeowners insurance: Condo, Renters, Mobile Home, Dwelling Fire and Homeowner policies are available. If you live in your motorhome or on a boat you can/should include coverage for your personal property with these policies as well.

How much UM and UIM coverage do you need?
Most insurance carriers don't allow you to have UM/UIM limits higher than your Bodily Injury Liability limits; we recommend you carry them at the same level as your BI. A catastrophic accident can be financially devastating between immediate medical expenses, lost wages and long term medical expenses, even with health insurance coming into play.

Disclaimer: This is an abbreviated explanation PLEASE read your policy for full details, including
the definitions, limits of coverage, exclusions and duties. Contact your insurance agent for a detailed explanation of these coverages.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Insuring your engagement ring.

As I stare down at my stunning engagement ring, I can’t  help but wonder when the age old tradition of engagement rings started.

Some believe ancient Egyptians twisted and braided rushes and reeds into rings. Roman adopted the tradition of the wedding ring. However, it wasn’t a symbol of never ending love, it was given as a symbol of ownership. Roman men would “claim” their women by giving them a ring. It wasn’t until 860 that Christians began using the rings in wedding ceremonies. The rings were considered to be a symbol of the union of two hearts. The first recorded account of giving a diamond engagement ring was in 1477 when King Maximilian of Germany proposed to Mary of Burgundy. Jewelry stores around the world have been rejoicing since that moment!!

Today’s rings have come a long way since the braided reeds of Egypt. Should your ring be lost or stolen, you can’t run down to the river and braid another one. The sentimental value is priceless; having your ring own properly insured will allow you to replace it in the event “something” happens (knocked down the garbage disposal, flying off your finger while bungee jumping, vanished from the hotel nightstand, etc.)

Most standard home owner’s policies offer limited coverage if your ring is stolen. Coverage is typically under the $5,000 average value of an engagement ring in the U.S. In addition, there is usually NO coverage if the ring is lost or a stone falls out or breaks. To insure that you have your ring covered for nearly anything that could happen, you need to add additional coverage. This is called scheduling property….you’re insuring an individual item. For jewelry, you can expect to pay under $1 for every $100 that it would cost to replace. If your ring’s value is $9000.00, you can expect to pay under $90 per year for insurance. Think of how much happier your marriage will be if your ring is fully covered when it slides off your finger while gardening, kayaking or whatever your fancy!